Reverse Therapy is an educational process enabling you to discover what your body has been telling you for a long time & to then take action to restore health & wellbeing.

Reverse Therapy is based upon years of research By Dr. John Eaton into the body’s natural intelligence, BodyMind, & its healing processes. BodyMind communicates with us through sensations, feelings, moods & emotions. When, however, these are ignored BodyMind has to turn up the volume thereby creating symptoms. Reverse Therapy teaches clients how to understand & work with BodyMind so that the body no longer needs to produce symptoms in order to guide, protect or warn the individual.

Reverse Therapy is a true breakthrough in the approach to & treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. & Fibromyalgia because it considers these conditions to arise from a glandular dysfunction which, in turn, produces symptoms. This imbalance is the result of the hypothalamus in the brain overworking the Pituitary & Adrenal glands. This naturally affects many body systems. Initially BodyMind sends feelings, moods & emotions to let the person know not all is well. Symptoms appear later on & are a call to action.

Reverse Therapy can also effectively treat & resolve or reduce the symptoms of many other conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome & other Digestive/Bowel disturbances, Skin problems such as Eczema & Psoriasis, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, Non Specific Pain (e.g. Migraine), Addiction (drugs & alcohol) & some Auto-Immune problems.

Reverse Therapy is neither counselling nor psychotherapy. It is a BodyMind healing process which comes about when HeadMind listens to BodyMind & they work in attunement rather than in isolation from each other, HeadMind being our intellectual intelligence. For this to happen, with tuition & guidance from your practitioner, you begin to understand & work with symptoms & emotions that are guiding you to meet your needs. This, in turn, leads you to notice & take action upon the feelings or more subtle emotions before actual symptoms occur, thus reducing the body’s need to send symptoms in the first place.

Reverse Therapy is now available for maximising & maintaining good general health & wellbeing. You do not necessarily have to have a health problem to enjoy the benefits of Reverse Therapy - see 'The Wellbeing Programme'


Reverse Therapy is a specialised treatment that requires no medication, supplements or specific dietary changes. Sessions consist of face to face consultations lasting one to one & a half hours, typically every 2, 3 or 4 weeks depending upon need.

Reverse Therapy works by mutually collaborating with the client in order to understand what BodyMind is trying to tell them through the symptoms. There are 3 steps to this:-

1. To teach the client how to connect with BodyMind & to BodyMind’s communications using simple
body-focusing & awareness techniques.

2. To investigate the history & particularly the onset of symptoms plus recent situations when symptoms were
re-triggered or made stronger.

3. To then discover the ‘symptom message’ - the specific, corrective actions BodyMind is calling for in order to dissolve the state of ‘dis-ease'. From here the client explores different actions & activities designed to remove the body’s need to send symptoms as warning signals, using a journal to track success in reducing symptoms.

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- Understand how BodyMind works & communicates with you
- Understand what causes symptoms from a biological/glandular point of view
- Overcome that internal chatter & hindrance from HeadMind & stay ‘in your body’ rather than always being
‘in your head’
- Learn body-focusing & awareness skills
- Learn to differentiate between BodyMind communication & HeadMind talk
- Make links between symptoms & external pressures
- Discover what BodyMind is telling you to do about those pressures through the symptoms
- Understand & act on the ‘message of the symptom’ & so reduce then eliminate symptoms
- Resolve long standing pressures & unexpressed emotions rather than blocking them
- Be encouraged to enjoy activities that stimulate & uplift you
- Be supported in a holistic & committed way by me
- Restore balance & harmony to your body thereby stepping into your healthier & truer self

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Nicky is a Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner & has worked as a therapist in the field of holistic healthcare for the last 35 years enabling people to connect with their healthier selves.

Nicky is currently not in practice, however hopes the information and insights into Reverse Therapy are helpful and useful to you.

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“I’d recommend Reverse Therapy to anyone - I feel better now than I ever remember doing. Thank you for everything”.
... and a few weeks later “Thank you so much for allowing me to finally feel normal again - I wake up every morning & still can’t believe I feel so good!” - BL, Cheshire, 2006

“Very very useful. I found it helped me to gain a much more positive outlook, insight & confidence to do things I wouldn’t have done before” - AJ, Shropshire, 2006

“It was Nicky’s holistic approach combined with her excellent Reverse Therapy skills which eventually made me symptom free in a relatively short time. I am now living a life that I could only have dreamt about this time last year” - LH, London, 2007

"I feel Reverse Therapy has helped me enormously, to be able to work with Nicky who took me through my symptoms step by step & to continue with Bodymind on my own when I feel I need it. I would definitely recommend Reverse Therapy" - BF, Worcestershire, 2007

"I feel much more confident & relaxed, well supported & generally a lot happier about myself & my life. Nicky has been very caring & helpful." - CR, Shropshire, 2007

"Reverse Therapy has changed my way of thinking and it has made me look forward to my future. I can now enjoy doing things that I have not been able to do for a long time. I have faith that I now will just get better & better & better." - BMT, Powys, 2007

"Reverse Therapy has really changed my attitude to symptoms & certain patterns of behaviour. Nicky's support, understanding & teaching has been invaluable. Instead of dwelling on the past, I now look forward with enthusiasm." -BS, Shropshire, 2007

"I never thought I would be free to be well, happy & smiling into a creative future again. I thought I was about to have a nervous breakdown until Nicky opened the door." - AH, Shropshire, 2007

"Reverse Therapy has taught me that I am important, that I listen to my body & not my head. So, have faith & put your trust in Nicky as I have & be honest with yourself." - GP, Wrexham, 2007

"Listening to Nicky has improved my outlook on life, I am much more relaxed than I used to be. I can now live my life to the full, an amazing feeling." - SW, Shropshire, 2007

"I came to Nicky feeling very low & depressed, having little energy to put into life. After spending some time with Nicky my symptoms have all gone - I feel she really understood what was needed to bring the special feeling of the celebration back into my life. It's wonderful. Thank you." - RR, Shropshire, 2007

"I really recommend the Reverse Therapy lifestyle - it keeps you healthy." - SP, Kent, 2007

"Through the use of Reverse Therapy Nicky helped me to realise that I am in control of my emotions. My life has totally changed. I am a new person and I am completely grateful." - ST, West Midlands, 2007

"Before I met Nicky I was completely lost. Putting all that she has taught me into practice has really started me on the road to 'finding' myself as an individual so that I can get on with enjoying life again. Thank you." - TL, Shropshire, 2007

"Reverse Therapy has changed the way I think about myself, my relationship and my future. I now feel happier than I have done for many years. I could not have done it without Nicky. She has helped and guided me in a way I could never have thought possible." - SA, Shropshire, 2007

"The Reverse Therapy has, in spite of my lack of trust in myself, moved me forward from an introspective and dark place into the light and a new future." - KG, Shropshire, 2007

"Reverse Therapy has given me the chance to begin my life again. I can live my life healthily trusting my instincts with confidence, determination and 'wholeness' that I never considered possible." - NL, Shropshire, 2007

"I am delighted with the results of my sessions with Nicky Jevon. Apart from being the perfect 'sounding block', she really listens, asks all the right questions and easily guides you into 'feeling' not thinking. Her gentle manner touches and helps to bring out your own grace within, which in turn creates the desire and permission to allow the healing process to begin. Thank you Nicky." - TC, Spain, 2007

"Working with Nicky has made me feel more happy in my body. I can now stand back and feel more in control at a given moment." - JC, Montgomeryshire, 2007

"Reverse Therapy is the icing on the cake for me. It makes me feel more complete. Nicky is an excellent teacher who puts things over easily and made Reverse Therapy very easy for me to understand and work with." - TG, West Midlands, 2008

"A great deal of help in actually facing and dealing with my condition was given by Nicky." - RW, Shropshire, 2008

"Reverse Therapy brought self awareness and a realisation that something can be done about my symptoms rather than it be an external thing that is happening to me." - ER, Shropshire, 2008

"Reverse Therapy has enabled me to understand and know myself better. Nicky has helped me find my purpose in life again." - BA, Shropshire, 2008

"The Reverse Therapy helped me to find my inner peace, calm and vibrant health. It has enabled me to move forward and feel better every day with the tools to correct any imbalances." - CJ, East Midlands 2008

"The full recognition of why I was like I was, was like a light at the end of a tunnel that has enabled me to start my life again." - AM, Cheshire, 2008

"I have opened up my emotions, thus becoming truthful to myself, and have learnt not to be ashamed of them, but instead to act upon them. This is the best guidance." - NL, Cheshire, 2008

"Having taken the steps I now feel so ecstatic about how much better I feel and I can now start living again. As soon as I met Nicky I knew that I had come to the right place and that Reverse Therapy would work for me. I have changed my life pattern profoundly and will never be the same again." - JA, Scotland, 2008

"....and the results were amazing, after four sessions I was more comfortable in my body and mind and know now what makes me happy. I am happy thanks to Nicky Jevon. Great help - thank you. - DB, Shropshire, 2008

"Reverse Therapy helps you go to the root of dis-ease unlike many other modalities that treat symptoms. As a nurse and one who has tried multiple other treatments, I believe in R.T. It makes sense and is effective. Nicky wonderfully connects with her client. she has a gift of helping you recognise what your body has been trying to tell you and she gives you the tools to dig your way back to vibrant health and life." - JW, U.S.A., 2008


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‘The emotions link mind & body. The molecules of emotion run every system in our body. This communication system is in effect a demonstration of bodymind’s intelligence, an intelligence wise enough to seek wellness & one that can potentially keep us healthy & disease free’ - Candace B. Pert Ph.D. from her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’

'True healing involves a growth in consciousness, an opening in awareness and a return to oneself' - Ian Watson

"One can never change the past, only the hold it has on you, and while nothing in your life is reversible, you can reverse it nevertheless" - Merle Shain

My Reverse Therapy motto: Nourish BodyMind & you will flourish

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Please go to Dr. John Eaton’s & the main Reverse Therapy website where you will finds loads of fascinating information & further insights into BodyMind & much more:

From this main website you can order John Eaton’s first book ‘M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia - The Reverse Therapy Approach’ & the CD by Kathleen Haden ‘Key Points of Reverse Therapy’.

You can also download Dr. Eaton’s e-book 'Reverse Therapy for Health'

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Nicky Jevon
Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner & Health Coach
Although currently not in practice, Nicky is happy to give you any further information about Reverse Therapy as needed.

Email: nicky@balanceinbeing.co.uk
Website: www.balanceinbeing.co.uk/reverse-therapy

Also see: www.balanceinbeing.co.uk

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INTRODUCING THE WELLBEING PROGRAMME - An innovation in Health Coaching to maximise and maintain balance and wellbeing in your life today

Many people find themselves exposed to pressures in their personal, social and working life. If these pressures are left unresolved for too long, this can lead to symptoms of what, traditionally, has been called ‘Stress’.

In Reverse Therapy we regard ‘Stress’ as the symptomatic state that ensues when our body notices we have yet to overcome emotional challenges. In such situations BodyMind (our body’s inner wisdom) uses emotions and gut feelings to guide us to take action to resolve the issue. Typically, this involves speaking up about our needs and doing activities that restore balance.

If these emotional messages are not acted upon and the demands upon us mount up we may experience a ‘pressure cooker’ effect – an agitated, uncomfortable state in which we can blow up over relatively small problems which push us over the edge. At this point the body is now starting to use symptoms to get our urgent attention such as headaches, pain, fatigue, digestive or skin problems and sleeplessness.

Since Dr. Eaton’s development of Reverse Therapy, practitioners trained by him have established an 80% success rate in helping individuals reverse the symptoms of many ‘non-specific’ illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, I.B.S. and Depression. Those who have recovered generally have a ‘buzz’ for life which their friends have commented on and asked about. It is because of this that we have created The Wellbeing Programme to teach individuals to listen to and act on their BodyMind before their bodies feel it necessary to send harsher messages, stronger symptoms and eventually dis-ease.

The Wellbeing Programme has been designed for those undergoing life challenges, whether at work, in family life or in relationships and who want to maintain or improve their health.

The purpose of the Programme is for you to regain balance and wellbeing through listening to your body and acting on its messages. I will help you connect with your BodyMind, listen to emotions and symptom-messages and act on them promptly. They will help you understand how HeadMind (that internal voice) can disconnect from the emotions, frustrate decisions, create worry and self-doubt and block effective action. I will also teach you strategies for overcoming and bypassing HeadMind so that you can act confidently and effectively on the pressures that surround you. An important part of this process is to learn our tried and tested ways to assert yourself constructively with others.

Remember to visit the main Reverse Therapy website on www.reverse-therapy.com where you can order Dr. John Eaton’s e-book ‘Reverse Therapy for Health’.

Your Health Coach: NICKY JEVON
Nicky is a Licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioner and Health Coach with over 30 years experience in holistic healthcare enabling clients to improve their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Client quotes: "It is difficult to put onto paper the changes which result from The Reverse Therapy Wellbeing Programme. I feel freer and more spacious. My mind is not always on overload, so I am more energised! It's lovely." CJ, Leicestershire, 2007

"Definitely 'take' the Programme and consider all aspects. It's the whole thing and learning how and when to apply it. It's a tool you can take anywhere." BF, Worcestershire, 2008.


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